MEDICAL ACADEMY       Health Science Careers

Health Science Careers equips students to discover their interests, experience the work of professionals, and develop career skills for dentistry, emergency medical technician, nursing, ophthalmology, sports medicine, and therapeutic services. Each unit introduces students to as many as ten related jobs ranging from entry level to careers requiring advanced degrees. The classroom is a dynamic environment of real life activity with students taking ownership of their education and developing skills of critical thinking, problem solving, and teamwork.

For every job that requires a masters degree or more there are two jobs that require a college degree and seven jobs that require a one-year certificate or two-year degree. Health Science Careers provides students experience in career exploration and the opportunity to develop career ready practices. The curriculum and skills are based on career cluster pathways standards that promote college and career readiness.

Health Science Careers Curriculum

Dentistry: Anatomy & charting, hygiene, tooth decay removal, gum disease, impressions, casting tooth models, dental examinations, cavity filling

Emergency Medical Technician: Vital signs & symptoms of injury, controlling bleeding, splints, virus vs. bacteria, infection control, wound care, EMT training, burn injuries & flammable textiles, CPR simulation

Nursing: Infection, sanitation, communication skills, vital signs, phlebotomy, sensing patient health, measurements, dilutions & calculations, patient education, suturing

Ophthalmology: Eye anatomy & vision, vision testing, lens identification, eye diseases, eye glasses, LASIK surgery, pediatric optometry

Sports Medicine: RICE method, basket weave taping, heart testing, knee injuries & rehabilitation, face mask and spine boarding, steroid use, traumatic brain injuries

Therapeutic Services: Physical vs. occupational, evaluation, range of motion, muscle testing, hip replacement recovery, evaluating stroke victim  challenges, hand therapy exercises, pediatric therapy